LG Optimus LTE2

LG Optimus LTE2 with the 4,7 inches display and 2 Gb RAM

LG Optimus LTE2

LG Optimus LTE2

LG Optimus LTE2

The LG have presented the full bulk of technical features for the LG Optimus LTE2 smart phone. This is one of the few devices that exist on the market and are equipped with 2 Gb RAM a milestone we haven’t yet seen in a smart phone, also it has 16GB internal storage. The South Korean manufacturer has announced earlier about the release of a model of the kind, but it did not offer any other technical details except the RAM capacity. Now it is known that this is the device that will become the main Samsung S III and HTC One X competitor on the South Korean market. The release of the device abroad it’s homeland is not planned for the near future, while in South Korea it will cost about 800$ and will be available on the market by mid of May.

The LG Optimus LTE2 is equipped with a 4.7 inches TruHD IPS display with the 720 pixels resolution. The size of the device is of 134.7 x 69.5 x 8.9 and it weights 145 mg. The model runs on the Android 4.0 OS with a customized interface that works on the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 dual core processor, it has the 1.5 GHz frequency and it is also equipped with the Andreno 225 graphic speeder. At the same time the LG Optimus LTE2 is equipped with a 8 Mp main camera and a frontal one designed for video calls (1.3 Mp), the 8 megapixel camera takes full 1080p video but while in camera mode LG’s added simple voice commands. While on camera simply say “kimchi” (Korea) and the LTE2 will start capturing video, or snap a picture, all hands free – just like that. Besides the LTE connection, the device supports the NFC standard for file sharing, Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA and the USB with MHL. According to the LG data the model will stand for a longer time by 40 % in comparison to the previous version, thus ensuring 10 hours of talking time or 225 hours in standby regime. That is achieved by the use of the 2150 MAh battery. As additional accessories the LG Optimus LTE2 comes with an attachment for wireless charging and an additional battery.



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