Explay Style two SIM phone

Explay Style – a new phone with the HalfQWERTY- keypad

Explay has presented a new stylish device that is claiming the attention fo the market. Besides the bright design, it is also outstanding by the HalfQWERTY device, which is a medium variant between the standard numbered keypad and a QWERTY keypad. We may find the same technical feature on the  Research in Motion – BlackBerry Pearl 3G smart phone. The device comes with the branded interface, an unusual cover of the case that creates the impression that the hand set is covered with leather.

Explay Style two SIM phone

The Explay Style is a two SIM cards supporting handset and is also equipped with an optical joystick.the handset is equipped with a 2.2 inches display with the 240×320 resolution. The technical features of the device are a reason to be happy for those who need their music and videos on their handset. The phone has the video player preinstalled; also the device will support a up to 16 Gb microSD memory card. The phone also comes with the Java preinstalled and a 2 Mp camera. Other features that will make you look at the given device are the radio and the Bluetooth. The manufacturer states that the handset will get on the market beginning with June of the current year.



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