Explay Crystal

Explay Crystal – a mobile phone with a transparent display

A transparent display is not a new entry on the market; we did have the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness, while Lenovo released the first smartphone with a colour transparent display in 2011 – Lenovo S800. Even though the Explay Crystal is not the first device with a transparent display, certain sources state that it offers a more vibrant and brighter color transparent display in comaprison to the earlier mentioned devices. In this regard, the Explay is continuously impressing the public with unusual devices. After enhancing its position of 3 sim devices manufacturer, the company preceded releasing unusual flagman devices. One of the devices of the kind is Explay Power; it can work for a long time without any need to be charged. Another device of the king that has to be mentioned at this chapter is Explay Crystal – a recently announced device that has a color transparent display.

Explay Crystal

It would be unfair to speak of the exquisite character of the device – Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness with a transparent screen was launched in 2009. The SE product was equipped with a monochromatic screen, while the Explay Crystal is equipped with a colored display.

Besides the above mentioned Crystal supports the work with 2 Sim cards, can reproduce audio and video files, is equipped with a camera, a MicroSD memory card slot with the up to 16 Gb capacity, Bluetooth 3.0 module with the A2DP profile.

It is expected Explay Crystal to be released on the July the 1’st 2012, the price is not announced so far.



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