Explay B220

Explay B220 – an ordinary 3 sim device

Another product of the Explay has made its appearance on the market – 3 sim Explay B220. The device is a pretty simple one – it has no outstanding features, while the 3 sim cards is not a news for the Explay.

The phone Explay B220 is equipped with a 2.2 inches TFT screen, supports FM radio, Bluetooth 2.0 with the A2DP profile for the connection of the wireless headset, supports a up to 32 Gb microSD memory card that makes it possible to use the phone as a music player. The device is also equipped with a camera (would rather say a formal one 1.3 Mp) and a light.

Explay B220

The battery is not the most impressive one – 900 mAh so that the device will run in stand by regime for 130 hours, and 4 hours in talking time. The device is presented on the market in 4 different color variants – white, yellow, brown and blue.

According to preliminary data the price of the Explay B220 will be worth about 60 $. That being given we shall state that even though we are witnessing a technological boom, and every new phone is equipped with super modern and advanced features, the manufacturers are more often producing budgetary devices. Obviously the market of the budgetary devices, as well as the market of the high tech devices, needs to be constantly renewed, so that every customer could get the chance to enjoy new and interesting devices.




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