AT&T Nokia 808 PureView

The 41-Mp camera phone Nokia 808 PureView is due do be released in the US

Nokia has announced the release of the Nokia 808 PureView smartphone in the US. The handset will be available on the Amazon webstore for 699$ in the unlocked variant (no contract liability towards any carrier). The device Nokia 808 PureView will support the AT&T and T-Mobile 2G networks. The preliminary Nokia 808 PureView sales have begun the past week.

AT&T Nokia 808 PureView

We shall remind that the handset was announced in February of the current year. It runs the Nokia Belle (Symbian Belle) OS and is built on a 1.3 GHz single core processor and is equipped with a 4 inches display. The main distinctive feature of the device is the built in 41 Mp camera with the Carl Zeiss camera glass.

Nokia 808 PureView Other technical features:

  •  Dimensions: Height 123.9  mm, Width 60.2  mm, Thickness 13.9  mm, Weight 169  grams, Volume 96  cc
  •  Local connectivity: USB OTG 1.3, Micro USB, UpnP, USB Mass Storage, DLNA Certification, Nokia AV 3.5mm, USB 2.0 HighSpeed, Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-179, USB, Bluetooth Stereo Audio, NFC, Bluetooth, Bluetooth 3.0, MTP (Multimedia Transfer Protocol)
  •  Memory: Total user memory, 16 GB mass memory, expandable with micro-SD card up to 48 GB (max 32 GB cards), SDRAM memory 512  MB
  • Battery use: Battery Nokia Battery BV-4D 1400mAh, Maximum 2G talk time 11  h, Maximum GSM standby time 465  h, Maximum 3G talk time 6.5  h, Maximum 3G standby time 540  h
  •  Software platform & User Interface: OSSymbian Belle, Development technology, Web runtime, Open C/C++, Python, Java, Flash, Qt, Symbian C++
  •  Navigation : GPS feature, A-GPS, GPS

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