New photos of Motorola RAZR HD

New photos of Motorola RAZR HD had appeared on the web. We shall remind that the handset is getting ready to be released and is expected to become the new flagman device of Motorola. The handset shall be released at Verizon Wireless during the current year, the exact date is not specified. It is stated that there will be launched an international version of the handset. Judging by the pictures the awaited device will be a slim handset with a large touch screen and a textured back panel.

Motorola RAZR HD

According to the preliminary data Motorola RAZR HD runs the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and is equipped with a display that has the 1280×720 resolution, a dual core 1,5 GHz processor, a 13 Mp camera and a battery that has the 3300 mAh capacity.



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